On a Boat.

There’s Ice-T, and Ice Cube. That’s cool, and shit cuz fuck dude, it’s ICE, and ICE. Not at any point is there anything NOT cool.

Then totally accidentally “WE” figure that Pain is one hell of a DJ name.

One day, we listen to Kiss Kiss, by Chris Brown (feat T-Pain.) Thanks for fucking Eminem though Rihanna, and completely disrespecting yourself as a female as is says not to do in thug life. How could you even tattoo this on your hand. He says, he’s actually DJ Pain (or there is at least a foretelling of a DJ Pain) We are like SHIT. I dunno.

So we got T-Pain, and Pain…  Weird, but totally cool, I can live with that cuz to be honest he is the only one who can actually get AWAY with the auto tune cuz he’s fucking T-Pain, and shit. He CREATED IT. It’s like taking that one thing from Peter Frampton. YOU JUST CANT DO THAT. However, it’s been sadly played out by idiots like lil wayne? In my universe, we just throw him a bottle of Nyquil once in a while, and keep him hydrated.

Anyways, yesterday, I’m thinking about getting high TODAY apparently, hopefully… I say to myself “you know what, it might be t-pain, and pain. However, at least we’d both be ON A BOAT.

holy shit dude, if there’s anything I’d be doing in rap music it’s TOTALLY being on a BOAT.




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