“I feel like this is all a delusion,” I said
“oh no LeeLee, this is very real,” he responded.

That’s what happens when you get too far into the psychology field.

Eventually people start to talk you into believing you’re delusional when you aren’t, and that you are when you’re not.

I’ve decided it was just a delusion. All of it, a delusion.

We’re going to go back two years, right back to April 11th, 2012. 2012 the infamous year of the “end of the world.” Of course, “we” know the real date, however we also know how to avoid the date question, or trip over ourselves five times deciding we didn’t lose time.

My (at the least) best friend Kat died this year, and at this time I am sitting blank faced at my house completely senile. Overdosed on Trilifon (that thorazine shit) and Vicodin. I will omit the soon to experience facement of bulimia again (for safety.) I do not know many of the people I know, and I know tons I don’t.

We vow to no longer believe all of the things Lee believed, and we are locking her back in the “closet.” She’s safer there, and won’t be coming back out any time soon. If ever, a long while from now. Many people know that Lee herself, the actual Lee has been missing, we’ll respectfully keep that short and sweet. If you know her, you know the deal.

You wanted a delusion, you’re right, I’m so sorry. Suddenly everything is fuzzy in my head, and feels like I’ve awoken from a strange dream. Like I have a past that I didn’t really live. When the time came to make a choice I went down a different road, and chose a different path. I am an ordinary every day girl (as usual) with little friends, and a few hobbies to keep me going. I’m staring into space thinking, but not doing. The philosophy of life an every day question, but at least I don’t “seem” A danger, or IN danger.


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