Decoding, “Gob,” as Banksy Calls It.

Incase you missed it here is the piece:

I’ve never felt the need to EXPLAIN my work, but for some reason, right now, today. I do. I feel this way mostly as I feel most of my pieces are lost in translation. There is a HELL of a lot going on here. It will be missed. It usually is.

This is a partial decoding of the revolutionary piece “Gob, as Banksy Calls It.” It’s not what you think.

We will start with this… – I really know how you fucking feel 2Pac. Is it a gemini thing? Not sure, but 2pac and I have this in common. I have a big mouth also. This is mentioned in the poem. Also this quote is used in my book Digital Graffiti. I made this this morning, which adds an entirely new level to it. 


I am british, afterall.

I talk about filth…. This is my favorite word, but it also happens to be a book. Who Knew? Favorite word first, then book. Great minds think alike? Is that what’s going on. Ask my friends who’ve known me a while. They’ll let you know.


If you’ve listened to my poem you will hear me talk about pigs. Filth is a concept. It’s an interesting one, but one you don’t want to spend too much time in. Do you?

Various lines…

“Stunning Perfume” – LeeLee – I got a Dirty fucking Mouth
“That aftershave or cologne that made them just faint” – Eminem Berserk
“My work, it’s stolen, by only the best, the smell of the richest perfume, it gives the smell of money.” – LeeLee – “Gob, as Banksy Calls it.”
(in that order)


“a bag full of God,” “Where it pours bean green over blue” “Put your foot, your root,” “You stand at the blackboard,” “a love of the rack and the screw.” – Sylvia Plath – Daddy.

“I’m a bag full of sod with a hedge laced with truth,
and my black eyes are green and blue,” “your foot your root, 
“your love of the crook and the shoe,”
the look you make at the black of the board.” “i have played to empty you,” – LeeLee “Gob, as Banksy Calls it.”

This is real life shit, I’ve been here…

“Stood up at the door of the club” – LeeLee – “Gob, as Banksy Calls it.”

this isn’t the only part of Banksy’s show which is like a mirror, just one part…

Sometimes, I get into people’s heads to see how they feel.

“there’s a sense of hatred in the air, a musty smell I can’t quite identify, my head hurts, and the pressure gets to me.” – The Revolution, also JPS Barrow Gurney.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this poem is a revolution piece (as well.)

“soup cans, soup cans,” – LeeLee

Mass production, stencil art, and taking the general piss.

Andy Warhol – the Soup Cans need little explanation.


on a side note, I saw a postcard at the Dali museum. It was Dali kissing Warhol. It was incredibly depressing.

Anyway, there’s more, much much more, however these are the cards at the beginning of the trail to understanding what the hell is going on in this work. It’s no where near as simple as you think. 

❤ LeeLee.


Creative Commons License
This work by LeeLee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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